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About the Congress

The International Congress of Arabic Publishing and Creative Industries is a professional annual event, organized by Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre. The Congress commenced with its inaugural edition in 2022, aimed to establish a think-tank and a knowledge sharing hub for the regional and global publishing and creative content developers, towards facilitating a cross-disciplinary conversation to showcase the latest trends in publishing, highlighting the adaptation of books into other formats.

Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre (ALC)

The Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre (ALC) was established as part of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi to support the Arabic language and set general strategies for its development and advancement scholarly, educationally, culturally, and creatively. The ALC supports research in the field of Arabic Studies and promotes the Arabic language in scholarship, education, culture, and media. The Centre has established specialised programmes and close partnerships with major cultural, academic, and technological institutions around the world.

Operating from its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the ALC is a major international institution fostering the advancement of the Arabic language in all aspects of academic, cultural, and public life. It supports scholars, practitioners, and activists in various domains of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies. The Centre promotes learning among native and non-native speakers, leads efforts in research and linguistic development and actively supports research, knowledge transfer, creativity, authorship, translation, and publishing.