Have you heard of The Golden Ratio for innovation?

I will be speaking about it at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair about #InnovationInPublishing in Abu Dhabi next week!

My opening keynote address is titled "The 70-20-10 Model for Innovation in Publishing." I am honored to be sharing the stage with fellow keynote speakers, Nicholas Carr (Pulitzer Prize finalist for “The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains” and New York Times bestselling author) and Michael Tamblyn (CEO of global digital bookseller Rakuten Kobo).

While my remarks will be tailored for the publishing industry in particular, the heart of my message applies to all industries and individual careers as well.

The Golden Ratio is about how to stay competitive and future-proof in our businesses and careers. The ideal ratio is 70-20-10. For businesses, this means that:

70% of core efforts and resources should be spent optimizing existing products for existing customers.

20% should be focused on adjacent efforts which expand the existing business into things that are new to the company.

The remaining 10% is where the magic of future-proofing really lies. This is where the transformational efforts happen by developing breakthroughs and investing in things for markets that don't yet exist. These are often referred to as Moonshots.

For individual careers, The Golden Ratio can be applied by focusing 70% of your efforts on your core skill set, 20% of your time on applying and developing skills in new areas, while 10% of your time and focus should be on anticipating the needs for your team and individual career in the future and building up that knowledge before it is needed.

The majority of errors most companies and individuals make is either not attempting or mismanaging the transformational 10% efforts. My talk will outline these common mistakes and how to combat them early for exceptional results and reap their disproportionately impact on our fates.

Comment below with what you think are the secrets to and challenges of these 10% transformational moonshots.

What to hear more? DM for more details on having me come and speak to your company or team. I'd love to tailor these best practices for your work!

I look forward to meeting many of you at The International Congress of Arabic Publishing & Creative Industries!

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