Yasser Bahjatt
Author and futurist; translator of the novel “HWJN” to English

Yasser Bahjatt is a novelist, translator, and the co-founder and CEO of the publising house, “Yatakhayaloon” (or the League of Arabic SciFiers), in partnership with HWJN author Ibraheem Abbas. He wrote the first Arabic alternate history novel, "Yaqteenya: The Old World", in additon to translating numerous works, including George R. R. Martin's “Wild Cards” into Arabic, and the novels of Ibrahim Abbas (HWJN, Hunaak!, and Benjamin) into English. He has been an annual participant at the World Science Fiction Convention, where he delivers specialized lectures on Arabic fiction, alternative history, and fiction translation. He was the first person to translate TED Talks into Arabic and the first to hold a TEDx conference in the Arab world. Bahjatt is also a serial entrepreneur, business development consultant, and future technology expert. He graduated with a degree in computer engineering from King Abdulaziz University and pursued a graduate program in future technologies at Singularity University at the NASA Research Center in Silicon Valley.