Mohammed Esmat
Author and Translator

Mohammed Esmat is a writer and translator of horror, science fiction, and fantasy whose titles include "Harder Than Death", "Nightmare", and "Donors of Sunrise”. He has translated English-language titles into Arabic such as "Ender's Game", "Expanse", and "Halo" into Arabic as part of the Saudi Ministry of Culture's Tarjim initiative. His novel "The Wrong Spell" was adapted for the stage, and "Dereistic" is currently being turned into a film. He also co-wrote the soon to-be-released horror film "Camp 2: The Key". Esmat is a social media influencer as well as he presents the "Open Mystery" radio series and "Betaa' Al Ro'b", his YouTube horror show, which quickly reached two million views and is running in its 4th season. He also hosts the podcast "Top 6" with author Bassem Al-Kheshen.