Maha Abdullah
Senior Product Manager of International Typography at Adobe, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) localization consultant and regional languages expert, formerly of NETFLIX and Disney+ Streaming Services

Maha Abdullah is the senior product manager of international typography and text requirements at Adobe. She is part of the international product management and strategy team for the digital media business unit, focusing on text improvements across all languages. Maha Abdullah has more than 20 years of experience working in the translation and localization industries. She worked as the MENA localization consultant for Disney+ Streaming Services, and served as the regional language manager for Netflix MENA, Turkey, & Africa, and she led the Netflix Arabic launch linguistic efforts in 2016. She created a number of research documents and guidelines that are still used by Netflix, including market research for internal and external teams and stakeholders. She also worked with the engineering and product design teams to make sure Netflix provided the best right-to-left and bidirectional UX experience. Maha has a bachelor’s degree in English literature, and diplomas in Arabic and German languages, neuro-linguistic programming, and the dialogue of civilizations.