Ibraheem Abbas
Author and scriptwriter

Ibrahim Abbass is the co-founder of Yatakhayloun publishing house and the co-founder and chief creative officer of Focus Advertising. He also works as a creative director, writer, filmmaker, and novelist. He graduated with honors from King Abdulaziz University with a degree in computer engineering.

Ibraheem started his career at Procter & Gamble before heading into the world of advertising, where he became one of the first Saudis to hold the position of chief creative officer. At Focus Advertising, Ibraheem’s team has designed, produced, and executed communication, marketing, and national brand identity campaigns for clients including Saudia, the National Housing Company, Saudi Post (SPL), and others.

Ibraheem is also the chief creative officer and co-founder of Visualizit, which launched the Bilal film, and the creator of the character Abaleeso. In 2013, he and Yasser Bahjatt co-founded the publishing house “Yatakhayaloon”, which published his novels "HWJN", "Hunaak", "Benyameen", and "Mutamaghnitoun". His books were bestsellers in Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries for several months and have been translated into several languages. HWJN was made into a film, and work is underway to produce Ibraheem’s other novels and screenplays he’s written.