Cristóbal Cobo
Senior education specialist, World Bank

Cristóbal Cobo (panel discussion 2) is a senior education specialist at the World Bank, focusing on the effective and appropriate use of new technologies in education. From 2014-2019, Dr. Cobo served as founding director of the Center for Research at the Ceibal Foundation in Uruguay, leading initiatives to learn from Plan Ceibal, Uruguay’s educational innovation center.

Previously, Cristóbal spent 10 years as an associate researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford (UK). He also served as external evaluator for organizations in the U.S., Canada, and at the U.N. Cristóbal has provided keynote addresses in over 30 countries and spoken at four TEDx events. He has published four books and over 80 academic articles.

A native of Chile, Cristóbal received his doctorate in human-computer interaction from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Cristóbal is currently senior fellow for The Inter-American Dialogue, and has been featured on CNN, Deutsche Welle, El Pais o Le Monde Diplomatique, the Wall Street Journal and the World Economic Forum