Carlo Carrenho

Carlo Carrenho (panel discussion 1) is a publishing consultant based in Sweden and head of international business development at the Italian digital aggregator StreetLib. He was the founder of book trade media title PublishNews in both Brazil and Spain. Along with a partner in his home country of Brazil, he recently launched Pop Stories, an audiobook company. He is also the co-organizer of Reboot Books, a mixture of conference, think tank, and community.

Carlo majored in economics at the University of São Paulo and graduated from the Radcliffe Publishing Course. Throughout his career, Carlo has focused on digital developments in the publishing industry and new business models. He has held executive positions at companies such as Thomas Nelson (Brazil), Ediouro (Brazil), and Word Audio Publishing International (Sweden). He has also consulted for companies in Brazil, Germany, Finland, Spain, Argentina, Canada, and the U.S.

Carlo lives in the idyllic town of Trosa in Sweden with his wife Carla and two kids. He loves movies, books, travelling, and just sitting and thinking by the piers of his town.