Brian Michael Bendis
Peabody award winning comics creator; Amazon and New York Times bestseller

Brian Michael Bendis is a Peabody award-winning comics creator and Amazon and New York Times bestselling author. Brian writes “Superman”, “Action Comics”, “Batman: Universe”, and curates “Wonder Comics” at DC Comics. During his nearly 20 years at Marvel, Brian wrote for “Spider-Man”, “Avengers”, “Iron Man”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and the “X-Men” franchise, as well as projects such as “Avengers vs. X-Men”, “House of M”, and many more. The co-creator of Miles Morales, Brian was executive producer and consultant of the Academy Award-winning “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse” and its sequel. Brian also won a Peabody Award for his work as the co-creator of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” on Netflix.

Brian is one of the premiere architects of Marvel’s Ultimate line of comics and the creator of graphic novels including “Goldfish”, “Fire”, “Jinx”, and “Torso”, as well as the Jinxworld line of creator-owned comics. Brian is also the author of “Words for Pictures” (Random House), a look at the creation of comic books and graphic novels based on the class he teaches at Portland State University. Brian received an honorary doctorate in the arts from the Cleveland Institute of Art and has won five Eisner awards, including best writer two years in a row. He was also honored with the Inkpot award for comic art excellence. Brian is the recipient of the Cleveland Press Excellence in Journalism Award. Brian’s TED talk, MIT lecture, and appearances on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” are available for viewing at