Ali Ghamlouch
Head of Shahid Originals | MBC Group

Ali Ghamlouch is the Head of Shahid Originals, MBC Group, where he works on strategizing, sourcing, and overseeing the development and execution of original series, movies, and shows across markets. Ghamlouch has been recognized by industry change makers and was an executive producer of the International Emmy Award-nominated “Beirut 6:07” in 2021, when Shahid’s “Nemra Etnein” also won best OTT production at the ASBU BroadcastPro Summit and Awards. Ghamlouch has worked in the media industry for over 16 years. He has an M.B.A. in marketing and management, taught media and digital platforms at universities, and mentored the founders of over 40 media startups across the Arab world and Turkey. When not in the office, Ghamlouch enjoys being a keynote speaker at industry conferences. He spends his spare time playing football, reading, and rolling up his sleeves to start new woodworking projects.